The Best Barn Light for Your Home

The Best Barn Light for Your Home

Modern farmhouse decor is becoming widely popular across the world and is loved for its versatility within home spaces. It is both a combination of classic, rustic design along with a modern contemporary twist. Use of elements such as sliding barn doors, minimalistic and bold-colored matching decor, and the use of dark stains on organic elements such as wood are just some of the factors used in designing a modern farmhouse-style home.

The perfect statement piece to create a beautiful modern farmhouse is a barn light. Barn lights have historically always been a rustic-style fixture. Cocoweb has brought an entirely new concept to this type of barn lighting. Manufactured and stored in our California warehouse, Cocoweb has designed a timeless rustic piece and brought it into modern times.

Our wide selection of barn lights were designed for both functionality and aesthetic. They have a contemporary style with a vintage concept, suitable for many types of spaces both modern and farmhouse alike. All of our Cocoweb manufactured products use LED lights, which saves energy and reduces the cost of your electricity over time. We support green energy, and produce lighting that saves both energy and money for our amazing customers!

The question is, what is the best barn light for your space? Depending on if you have a more contemporary space, perhaps a country-style space, or even a futuristic modern-styled home, there is a barn light perfect to suit your decor. Read on to see how Cocoweb breaks down the types of barn lights we sell, so you can find the perfect barn lighting for you!

Types of Barn Lights


Gooseneck barn lights are probably the most common type of barn light. Cocoweb’s LED Gooseneck barn lights are a truly unique blend of classic, historic lighting with a modern aesthetic and style. This fixture is commonly used outdoors, due to a selection of larger size shades made of a weatherproof material. The gooseneck barn light gets its name from the style of the arm being a similar shape to that of a goose. This particular barn light is useful for lighting large spaces, both commercial and residential alike.

There are so many different styles, shapes, sizes, and colors, it may seem difficult to envision which barn light will be best suited in your home or office space. This is why Cocoweb has created ease in making this selection by making all of our gooseneck barn lights completely customizable. You can choose the shade, choose your gooseneck arm style and length, as well as mix and match colors between the shade and the arm. Never has purchasing a barn light ever been so easy - and fun!


Sometimes illuminating your spaces can be difficult. Small corners, tight spaces, and oddly slanted ceilings can create an issue for choosing the correct lighting to brighten your home space. Cocoweb has a solution, though! We created LED barn light sconces, tailored to fit closely to the wall. They have a versatile design to fit into compact spaces and illuminate the entire room.

Barn sconces are useful not only for small spaces, but they come in larger sizes to illuminate larger room spaces as well. Indoor hallway lighting, bathroom or kitchen lighting, as well as outdoor and garage lighting are just some of the many uses that LED barn sconces exhibit.


Sign barn lights are particularly popular amongst commercial spaces. They are perfect for a home office or business. This collection has our popular gooseneck lights to add a unique twist to industrial signage. The swivel joint, a special added feature to these lights, allows the shade to completely swivel back, creating the perfect angled light necessary to light any space.

Retail sign lighting for any business is a perfect match for our sign barn lights. No other business does sign barn lighting like Cocoweb. We have a vast array of sizes, colors, and shapes that all have swiveling shade heads to light any space perfectly!


Another popular option of barn light Cocoweb offers is the pendant ceiling barn light. Discover the unique craftsmanship of our LED pendant lights. Create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests by illuminating entryways, kitchens, garage, dining room, and family rooms with a pendant barn light.

These lights are installed directly to your indoor ceiling space. If you have an island in your kitchen, a pool table, or any other centerpiece, a ceiling pendant barn light will illuminate and catch the beautiful features of these pieces in a whole new light! It serves as a decorative accent to any space it can be hung. We also have downrod kits to assist in securing the light in place as an alternative to hanging a corded light. The possibilities are endless with our pendant ceiling lights!


Are you interested and love the style of a barn light, but perhaps don’t have the space or ability to have a light fixture installed? Check out our mobile barn light floor lamps! You can create your very own flexible and mobile-standing barn light with our customizable options!

Perfect for home office spaces, reading lights next to the sofa, or even light up a playroom for your children with a safe, green energy LED floor lamp. When searching for a barn light floor lamp, there is no other place quite like Cocoweb who can fit your floor lamp needs.


Safety is key when thinking about your outdoor property, and the best way to keep your property secure from burglars or night prowlers is to install one of our LED Lamp Posts. Place them along pathways and large driveways, or install them outside your business, home,or somewhere outside to light up the street.

Our barn light posts are both functional and aesthetically appealing. It is completely customizable - choose your shade, size, and color. Our post lights also come in either an 8’ or 11’ height.

Whether you are looking for a barn light for your home or your business, Cocoweb has the perfect light for you! As mentioned, we have a wide variety of colors, shapes, and styles of LED barn lighting to fit your specific needs. We want to be your number one resource for barn lighting - shop online with us today!

21st Sep 2020 Allison Brown

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