The Importance of Lighting in Design

The Importance of Lighting in Design

The Importance of Lighting in Design

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 Lighting is one of the most essential factors of interior and exterior design. Yet, it is not given the proper attention and value that it should. Many people think that lighting only serves to produce light and to brighten up a room; however, it does much more than that. It serves for other specific purposes that we neglect to recognize. Not only is it a key component to create a sense of aesthetic style for all types of decor, it also sets the mood in a surrounded space whether it is in your home, in a social gathering public place or a museum. In addition, it serves to bring peace of mind for the body and soul.

When it comes to decorating and providing a touch of design flair to a place like the living room, the kitchen or bedroom of your home, lighting plays a huge part in the process. However, it's not just the lighting that brings it altogether, you have to consider the correct kinds of lighting fixtures to complement the type of design you are looking for. They are both important for certain areas of design such as room size, colors, decorations and furniture selection. With the right type of lighting along with the correct lighting fixture to match it, you end up with a perfectly well-designed room that creates style, brightness and mood. By combining these elements in a room, it will generate a feeling of character and harmony.

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Lighting Design

Let's stop and take a close look at what is lighting design. Lighting design consists of three main aspects: science, art and technology. The science of lighting design is comprehending the functionality of light and how it responds to different surfaces and materials. It is equally important to understand the effect that both natural and artificial light have. The art of lighting design involves creativity and motivation. The use of ideas and thoughts construct a clear vision of creative design. The technology of lighting design focuses on artificial light. The evolution of artificial light through technology has lead us to the development and use of the latest, modern lighting technology, Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs. Currently, LED lighting is more effective and cost-efficient than any other lighting option. By keeping up with the latest developments, we find and use better solutions to respond to demand. Through the combination of science, art and technology, we are able to provide the best lighting solutions.

Lighting associated with design is a powerful instrument that can reinforce your living environment around you. Acknowledge the use of light with space, form, surfaces, texture, color and most of all, people. A successful arrangement of lighting design can either enhance or reinterpret a particular location. It can also build a solid foundation for presentation purposes, strengthen productivity, improve health and prosperity, and transform ambience.

Think about how you would feel in a dull, poor-lit, unappealing space. Ask yourself: How would that make you feel? What emotions, mood and mind set would that trigger? You would probably feel down, disturbed, depressed and even rejected. On the other hand, picture yourself in a bright, attractive, spacious, luminous location. How would that make you feel? Probably comfortable, happy and welcoming. These are two perfect scenarios to help you understand the significance that lighting can bring to our lives.

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