This week I did a Transformation in my living room. I had a bookshelf which absolutely just had to go. It was tilted, dark, and I was definitely ready to part with it. The problem I run into in my living room is that there isn’t a lot of natural light, so dark furniture makes my dark living room look really…well dark. So I’ve slowly been trying to upgrade my furniture to a lighter variety. I started by painting some black side tables a nice turquoise color. That definitely lightened up the room. I then needed to replace this Bookshelf. However, I wanted to do it in an innovative and budget friendly way. I combined thrift furniture shopping with some furniture hacks to create my ultimate shelving dream. My end result holds more books than my original bookshelf ever did and I’d say it looks much nicer. I first started my journey thrift furniture shopping. I wanted to find a base for my ultra-bookshelf, so I started to look for anything that was low to the ground and had either cabinets or shelves.

Upon further inspection, I absolutely fell in love with the second option. It was a diamond in the rough! It’s a light tan color with some variations to the tint. The color would fit perfectly in my house. I decided to take it. I then wanted to figure out what to hang on my walls. I ended up using some hack skills and turned a couple of nightstands into floating shelves. I bought the nightstands from a popular furniture store and ended up with something like this: tt3 rast

You can catch a glimpse of that awful bookcase in the background. I decided on a wintergreen color for the nightstand turned shelves and painted them after assembly. I also bought a regular shelf to hang above my nightstand shelves, so I painted this as well. Then it was time to hang them, which was simple with the help of my trusty boyfriend equipped with a sonic screwdriver (a few of you laughed), and then it was ready!

Don't mind the cat bed in the bottom shelf.

Don't mind the cat bed in the bottom shelf.

I now have a new set of shelves! And through smart shopping, this transformation cost me less than $100. My living room is now more open, light, and a happier place to be in.

Next months Transformation Tuesday theme: How has art transformed your room along with your state of mind? send a picture of your favorite art along with a story or description to

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