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This week’s transformation was another wall in my house. Like some of my other transformations, this one is special because it is sentimental as well as my attempt to create a calm environment in my kitchen. I had a bag of cork coasters that were from my grandma and I had no idea what to do with them. I then had the idea of some kind of cork bulletin board. Once this idea was implanted, there was no turning back. It evolved into much more than just a cork board. I wanted to add some life and color to the board, so I decided to incorporate moss and paint on some of the coasters. I also wanted a chalkboard of some kind, so I bought a slice of tree trunk and painted it with chalk board paint.

Here were my supplies:

Cork Coasters of different sizes


A strong glue

Fake moss of different colors and types

Acrylic paint, Chalkboard paint, and paint brushes


An old frame

Tree trunk slice


Adhesive wall pads
I first spent time gluing moss to some coasters and painting others with designs, next I assembled pieces into the arrangements that I wanted around the frame. I ended up with three solid pieces, which I glued together by staggering the coasters on top of each other, then gluing them accordingly. I ended up with a few stragglers, which was fine because I wanted to use them to add to the design. I first hung the tree slice, which I had already painted with chalkboard paint. I then situated the frame around the tree slice and hung it so the tree slice would hang centered inside of it. I then used the adhesive sticky pads and stuck them on the back of my coaster clusters, then arranged them on the wall in the way that I wanted. The big pieces needed at least four adhesives, but the single coasters only needed one. What I ended up on my wall was this:


The feel of a living wall brightens up my kitchen and creates a very peaceful atmosphere while the colors add a positive design element to the otherwise bare quality of this particular wall. I absolutely love it: it's both functional and promotes a positivity in my state of being.

As always we encourage you to send in your own transformations! If you have a project your working on, we would love to see the process! Send an email to with pictures and a description of your project and we'll feature you on our Transformation Tuesday!

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