Use LED Lighting to Promote Healthy Vision!

Darkness does not ruin your eyes

grateful for the genes I have been given, the world could not be any clearer. With that said, I’ve cruised through my life so far with 20/20 vision and frequently have been asked to read signs for my peers that struggle with their vision. Yet, the only time that I am of no use to my peers is in the dark.

Eye health LED

Human eyes consists of both rods and cones. Rods mediate light at low lights but they are not responsible for color. Instead, the cones behind the rods allow us to distinguish color. Since rods are responsive in low lights, humans often see less in the dark, which is why it is important for us to be around light to activate our cones, the color central. Our eyes adjust based off how much light is entering our rods and cones thus, even someone with near perfect vision can be partial in the dark. For this reason, light is very essential for our eyes. Without light, our eyes will strain to adjust to the dark. Fascinatingly enough, the myth that darkness ruins eyesight is false, but the fact that your eyes will have a difficult time adapting is true.

Sometimes you do have the light on, but they are way too dim for your eye’s preference. Maybe the dim lights are the reason why you frequently feel sleepy when you work. For the sake of your eyes, it’s probably a sign to start switching your lights to brighter lights.

How to pick brighter lights

You have to consider many things while choosing lights. You ask yourself, is it energy efficient? Is it comfortable? How long will it last? What color are these lights? Can I dim these lights if I want? Is it too dim or too bright? Judging off the chart below, LED lighting is the best option for most people because of its compatibility for these criteria.

LED Lighting

Examples of the advantages of different bulb types

Keeping your eyes happy and healthy

Replacing the lights in your home isn’t the only way to keep your eyes comfortable. The ceiling fan in your dining room, the barn light on your patio, or even your desk lamp can be replaced with more natural feeling LED lights to let your eyes relax. The difference made by adding more lights in your house is definitely noticeable: better lighting reduces eye strain in your home office when working late at night, and lets you take a stroll in the backyard without the excuse that it’s too dark.The dark does not ruin your eyes--you probably just need to get some new LED lights.

LED desk lights

27th Aug 2015 Jennifer Truong

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