Weird Interior Design Trends That Actually Make Sense

Weird Interior Design Trends That Actually Make Sense

Like with the latest fashion trends, many of the interior design trends that come about may appear strange at first glance. Some may be completely skeptical of certain trends altogether, deeming to never follow them. However, as the trends spread, they may come to mean so much more to the average homeowner.

Since there are and have been quite some strange interior design trends, taking a closer look at some of them can help us to understand that maybe they aren’t so absurd after all. Sometimes it just takes some acquainting to become more comfortable with the things we initially find odd. Once we understand the purpose of certain trends, that’s truly when we begin to consider them for our own home.

1 - Framed plant parts

While nature lovers may find framed plant parts (i.e., leaves, flowers, etc.) alluring, others find them tacky or even too minimalistic for their interior design. Many would rather have actual plants embedded in their space than plant parts placed in a frame hung on the wall.

However, this trend is actually genius. Not only is nature art in itself, but having framed plants allows nature to be easier to incorporate indoors – especially if one doesn’t have a lot of space to place their favorite plants or doesn’t have a green thumb to care for certain plants.

Apart from the latter, framed plants are great when it comes to adding peace and serenity to a home without the need for bulky plants. After all, millions around the word deal with everyday stress and anxiety that makes it difficult to wind down after a long day of work or school. Framed plants are one way to bring relaxation to any space while being mindful of space.

2 - Statement ceilings

teal bohemian room style

Like statement or accent walls, not everyone likes the idea of having a statement ceiling. For many, the ceiling is nothing more than, well, a ceiling. The most the average homeowner will “decorate” their ceiling is by installing crown molding or installing a nice fan or light fixture onto the ceiling. But not many actually directly decorate their ceiling.

The idea of having a statement ceiling is intriguing considering the ceiling is often an ignored component of a space. Yet, statement ceilings can help bring out the true beauty of a space. In a home with tall ceilings, a statement ceiling can help emphasize the beautiful height from floor to ceiling. In a space with shorter ceilings, a statement ceiling can help decorate, and thus celebrate, what would otherwise be a feature many homeowners dislike about their home.

Besides the latter, a statement ceiling can, depending on how it’s molded or painted, can bring a different mood to the space. For instance, in a room with delicate flowers painted on the ceiling, this statement ceiling can bring greater peace to the design.

3 - Bold doors

Many enjoy having attractive doors in their home, especially the front door, but having bold doors is a scary design trend for a lot of homeowners. For one, bold doors can appear very loud or even obnoxious in the eyes of some. Secondly, many believe that bold doors often have to be repainted more often if they feature a bright, vivid, rich color that are prone to fading quickly. Of course, another worry with having bold doors is that one would get tired of them overtime.

While bold doors are not for everyone (and that’s okay), this trend makes sense as many homes are too neutral, often lacking color. Bold doors can help get homeowners out of their comfort zone a bit to explore color in their design in an unusual way. In turn of making a bold interior design decision, homeowners may feel bolder in their own personal lives.

4 - Mindfulness home décor

yoga meditation mindfulness interior design

Mindfulness home décor is exactly what it sounds like: décor that is inspired by mindfulness. For those who don’t know what mindfulness is, it’s a mental health practice that emphasizes focusing on the present rather than on the past or future, thus helping one to eliminate stress, anxiety, guilt, anger, and other negative emotions. In turn of feeling calmer, more positive, better in control, and more accepting, mindfulness can also help one achieve a handful of health benefits from lower blood pressure to reduced chronic pain.

Mindfulness home décor might feature blankets and pillows neatly arranged on the floor or even a cozy nook in the corner of the room with a comfortable rocking chair surrounded by candles. Some may consider mindfulness home décor to be similar to that of a meditation space or zen den.

Some might find mindfulness home décor to be a distraction from the seriousness of a space or may even find it wasteful altogether. However, this trend is smart considering in this era, too many of us are stressed and high-strung. Having home décor that can encourage us to unwind and practice mindfulness is important.

5 - Open closets

An open closet doesn’t refer to a closet door that was left open; an open closet literally does not have a door – or a room to enclose it for that matter. Following the open closet trend, one might have a book shelf or storage rack out in the open in their bedroom with their belongings hung or stacked as appropriate. Many may not like the idea of having their personal belongings visible upon walking into the room. For others, the concern may not be having their belongings visible but instead making the room appear cluttered.

But really thinking about the open closet trend, it’s a good idea for some homes. Open closets would be suitable for homes that lack closet space or do not have enough of such. Open closets are a simple way to add more space to a home that might be more convenient or easier for some homeowners.

Having an open closet for some may help encourage minimalism, especially for those who typically love to own a lot of things, as many may feel stressed having too many things in their open closet. Lastly, open closets can make people appreciate and care for their belongings more, properly arranging them and dusting them off as the items in their closet aren’t hidden at all.

6 - Millennial Pink

millennial pink chair millennial interior design

While pink has been a component of interior designs in the distant past, recently, the idea of adding pink or even purple to a design would be considered inappropriate as these are often deemed “feminine colors.” But interestingly, Millennial Pink has become a trendy color and has been becoming more popular even in interior design – and no, it’s not just staying in little girl’s bedrooms.

As much as many may cringe at the idea of adding Millennial Pink within their home, this makes sense in this day and age. With feminism full-force and men and women’s gender roles and expectations overlapping, the idea of being able to casually add pink to an interior design wouldn’t appear out of the norm and would actually help fuel the latter societal changes in a way.


From Millennial Pink to open closets, it’s clear that there are and have been what many would consider “strange” interior design trends. Dissecting these trends just a bit, it makes better sense why they were even trends from the start.

Setting aesthetics aside, many interior design trends start not just because people suddenly decide something is attractive, but rather, they often begin based on what society needs or what it has become. Other trends might simply provide better function 

14th Dec 2018 Brooke S

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