​What’s the Best-Kept Secret to Save on AC Bills?

​What’s the Best-Kept Secret to Save on AC Bills?

Summertime is going strong and the heat is most certainly upon us. With triple-digit temperatures, keeping your body cool can be quite a hard task. Running central air conditioning, window units, portable units, ductless, and other types of AC systems seems endless when the temperatures outside are high enough. Many single-family homes and condos have vaulted ceilings, or perhaps open-concept designs which make it more difficult to keep the inside temperature cool. This causes overuse of AC to maintain a satisfactory temperature in your home when it is hot outside. High AC bills are a result of this, and money seems to just go down the drain in order to maintain a comfortable home setting.

Why does it have to be a vicious cycle of AC use and money spent during the summer months? The weather may be beautiful most of the time in your home region, but it usually comes with a cost - hot weather in the summer! Whether it be one month, or all 12 months, if the weather in your home region is hot, you need an effective solution to keep your house cool during these times.

Cocoweb has the most energy-efficient, money-saving, and not to mention aesthetically-appealing solution for you! Ceiling fans save money and are an excellent alternative to running the AC constantly.

You May Ask: What’s the difference between a ceiling fan and running the AC? Isn’t buying a fan more expensive than running the AC? We have all the answers for you.

Food For Thought:

  • A standard window air conditioning unit requires 1.2 kilowatts of power to run. This costs around 14 cents an hour seen later on your electric bill.
  • A common central air conditioner unit requires over 3 kilowatts of power to run. That equates to over 36 cents an hour.
  • However, Cocoweb’s ceiling fans only cost 1 cent every three hours in comparison! A standard ceiling fan fixture uses only 30 watts to keep it running continuously.

Take-away from the Food for Thought?

If you liked the sounds of the ceiling fan power cost versus the wall and central AC unit costs, we have a few more numbers to crunch for you to decide!

Still not convinced yet? We have one final set of numbers for your brain to digest!

If saving money is a great interest of yours, you should definitely consider purchasing a ceiling fan. It can lower the cost of your electric bill immensely, and also saves energy. Cocoweb supports green energy, which helps prevent consumption of our planet’s energy and saves the environment from damaging emissions. It is an economically-friendly alternative to running the AC continuously, while saving you money at the same time during the hottest seasons.

Cocoweb has your solution to make this happen, especially during the summer months. Coming from a lighting manufacturing background, with our popular barn lights, picture lights, and piano lamps, Cocoweb now has expanded our online marketplace to suit all your home design needs. We want to serve our customers the best way possible, so we present to you a vast selection of styles, sizes, and materials used for our gorgeous ceiling fan fixtures. We want to keep your home at the desired temperature you prefer, while still offering a timeless piece to add to your home’s decor. Functional, practical, and elegant, a ceiling fan is the perfect option for your home!

21st Jul 2020

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