Piano Lamps Frequent Asked Questions

1. What is the wattage equivalent for the piano lamps?

Our LED Piano Lamps are equivalent to approximately 60 to 100 watts. This depends on the size of the light and the number of LED nodes.

2. How many nodes does the LED strip have?

The number of nodes on our piano lamps varies between 12 and 18 LED nodes.

3. Can I get a battery pack for my light?

We offer the 22’’ LED Grand Piano Lamp - Black with Brass Accents with a battery pack. Cocoweb 22" Battery Operated Grand Piano Lamp

4. Where do I put the dimmer?

The dimmer plugs into the back of the lamp with a five-inch cord. The other end of the dimmer connects to the wall adapter.

5. How do I know what size to get?

For piano lamp sizing, it is based on preference and which lamp will work for the piano and space you are looking to light.

6. Is there a benefit to the 22’’ over the 19’’?

The 22’’ LED Grand Piano Lamp has two rotating shades allowing you to focus the light in two spots, where the 19’’ Grand Piano LED Lamp only has one rotating shade.

7. Is there a PDF version of the manuals?

Digital versions of the Cocoweb manuals can be found here: Manuals