Picture Lights Frequent Asked Questions

1. Are your picture lights dimmable?

Yes. Our Cocoweb Tru-Slim LED Picture Lights and Cocoweb Classic LED Pictures have optional dimming capabilities.

Your choice of power source determines how the light will be dimmed. For the plug-in & dimmer option, an inline dimmer dial will allow you to adjust the brightness between 5% and 100%.

For Directwire, Battery Packs, and Plug-in with adapter and remote; dimming is controlled with the remote. The remote can power the light on and off, set a timer of operation of up to 6 hours, and dim the brightness level between 10% and 100%.

2. What is the wattage equivalent for the picture lights?

The light output is 160-640 lumens, depending on the size of the picture light. This is equivalent to 100 watts.

3. How many nodes does the LED strip have?

The integrated LED array has 6 to 36 nodes, depending on the size of the light.

4. Can I install two picture lights side by side?

Yes, two picture lights can be mounted side by side on the wall or side by side on the frame, provided it is big enough.

5. What is the color temperature?

The color temperature is 2700K, which is a warm white light.

6. How do I pair the remote to my picture light?

Full instructions on pairing or re-pairing the remote can be found here: Picture Lights Receiver Manual

7. Can I pair two lights to one remote?

Multiple lights can be paired with one remote. Please follow the instructions for pairing or re-pairing the remote found here: Picture Lights Receiver Manual

8. How do I know what size light to get?

We have provided a picture light calculator to determine what size light is recommended for your wall art. Simply plug in your artwork dimensions and the calculator will give you a suggested size range for your wall art.
Picture Light Size Calculator

9. Can I get a white power cord instead?

We do have white power cords available. When placing your order, please indicate in the notes sections that you would like a white power cord.

10. Should I mount it to the wall or frame?

Our Cocoweb LED Picture Lights can be mounted on either the frame or the wall, depending on your preference.

11. Where do I mount the accessory pack?

The battery or direct white pack can be mounted behind the frame, as shown here: (Picture Light Frame Mounted Brackets) or mounted to the wall to the side or below the frame, for ease of access to the battery pack.

12. What are the dimensions of the power options for the picture lights?

All the dimensions for the power options and picture light accessories can be found here: Lighting Accessories PDF.

13. Is there a PDF version of the manuals?

Digital versions of the Cocoweb manuals can be found here: Manuals