Customizable Tru-Slim LED Picture Light

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  • Customizable Tru-Slim LED Picture Light
  • Customizable Tru-Slim LED Picture Light
  • Customizable Tru-Slim LED Picture Light
  • Customizable Tru-Slim LED Picture Light
  • Multi-Functional Picture Light Remote
  • Customizable Tru-Slim LED Picture Light Life Style Image
  • Customizable Tru-Slim LED Picture Light
  • Customizable Tru-Slim LED Picture Light
  • Customizable Tru-Slim LED Picture Light
  • Customizable Tru-Slim LED Picture Light
  • Customizable Tru-Slim LED Picture Light
  • Customizable Tru-Slim LED Picture Light
  • Customizable Tru-Slim LED Picture Light
  • Customizable Tru-Slim LED Picture Light
  • Customizable Tru-Slim LED Picture Light
  • Customizable Tru-Slim LED Picture Light


Illuminate Your Masterpiece The Right Way

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Pre-installed LED array

The LED’s of the Tru-Slim collection is one of the largest benefits of these lights, all while providing a bright warm-white light (orange/yellow hue at 2700 kelvin). The preinstalled LED’s have an average light life of about 50,000 hours, which is about 20 years with average use, making replacement bulbs a thing of the past. LED’s also operate at a much cooler running temperature preventing the paints on a canvas from fading or cracking over time from exposure to extreme heat.

Energy Efficient

Another benefit of the LED’s is the energy cost required to operate them. LED’s use a much lower wattage than traditional bulbs making the running cost lower by about one fourth, all while providing just as much light as the incandescent bulbs.

Adjustable Lighting

The Tru-Slim lights utilize a 90° rotating shade, allowing you to angle the light and locking it in place with two adjustment screws on each side of the light. The height can be adjusted by the channel clamps, located behind the frame. The higher the light is a more downward angle of light will be provided, which would be recommended for taller paintings.

cocoweb barn light arms

Easy and Convenient Installation

Includes hardware for the installation to be done on a wood frame, wall, or metal frame with channels.


Cocoweb provides quality products free of defects and backs up their promise by including a 2-year manufacturer warranty. The warranty covers any issues that the light may have during this period including, but not limited to, a burnt out LED array (bulb).

Available Power Options

Plug-in Adapter & Dimmer

Generic installation option includes a full range, no-step, dimmer to get the perfect brightness for your light.

Plug-in Adapter & Remote

Convenience of being able to plug the light, while being able to control the light remotely.

Hardwired for Dimmer Switch

This option is perfect for to install the light in a permanent location and run the wires in the wall from a light switch, with a dimming controller, directly to the lamp.

Rechargeable Battery & Remote

The external battery recharged using a USB port with the provided cords, and the convenience of the remote control. The battery can keep the light operation for about 40 hours, and can be easily tucked away behind the frame of the picture or somewhere nearby as it attaches with a 10-foot cord. The battery pack is not eligible for two-day air shipping and will solely be transported via ground shipping as a separate package.

Direct Wirepack & Remote

This option connects the light directly to the input wires coming from the wall, making this a perfect selection for a more permanent location. This kit also includes a remote control.This connection type will not work if you are using a wall switch with a dimming feature to control the light, and we would recommend using the “Hardwire for Dimmer Switch” for this type of installation.


    Power Source Plug-in, Direct Wired, or Battery Operated
    Material Aluminum
    Color Temperature 2700K
    Light Output (Lumens)(100 watt equivalent) 130-640, depending on size
    Light source Pre-installed LED array
    Switch On/Off Switch; Remote or Dimmer (optional)
    Lighting adjustable, directional down-light
    Average Bulb Life 50,000 Hours
    Color Rendering Index (CRI) 90+
    Input Voltage 100 - 240VAC to 6VDC
    Power Consumption 2W to 8W(depends on the size)

    Power Option Cord Length

    Dimmer Dial Dimmer
    Plug-In Adapter 10'
    Dimmer 3'
    Direct Wire Pack 5' (light side); 9.5' (wire side)
    Receiver 5.5'

    Included in the Packages

    Package 1 Tru-Slim Art Light (1)
    Installation Screws & Hardware
    AC Adapter (1)
    Mounting Brackets (2)
    Selected Power Option (Ships Separately) Dimmer Dial
    Direct Wire Pack & Remote
    Plug-In Receiver & Remote


  • FAQ

    How to calculate the size of the picture light?

    Use our picture light calculator.

    How do you mount the light?

    You can mount the light to the picture frame or wall.

    What bulbs do I need?

    No bulbs needed. Our picture light is pre-installed with Integrated LED array.

    How often do I need to replace the LED?

    With a 50k lifespan, you may never need to change the lightbulb, if you need them we have LED strips for sale.

    Can I have the picture light with a cooler temperature?

    No, our lights come with a 2700k temperature designed to highlight art.

    What are the remote control functions?

    The Remote Control can adjust the brightness of the light, turn the lamp on and off, and set a predetermined auto-off timer of 1, 2, 3, or 6 hours.

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Additional Information

Tru-Slim Series
Shade Size:
Shade Size:
Shade Size:
Shade Size:
Shade Size:
Antique Brass
Black Brass
Mahogany Bronze
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Satin Nickel
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89 Reviews

  • 5

    Picture Lights 43" (2) and smaller one

    Posted by Lalita Oster on 8th Apr 2024

    Super excellent - changed the whole room and makes the pictures come to life! They last for years! Thank you!

  • 5

    outstanding picture light

    Posted by steve venezia on 12th Sep 2023

    This is the second item I have purchased Cocoweb. The first was a piano light. I was so happy with the look and quality of the item, that I purchased the battery powered picture light. Another quality product that had several power options availaible. It makes my picture pop.

  • 5

    Perfect!! Just what I wanted. The color of the fixture is so close to the color of my frame that it becomes one.

    Posted by Connie Creed on 23rd Jun 2023

    Your salesperson was so helpful, however we had trouble zeroing in on a color based on your names. I was looking for a soft gold color. Your name was antique something which was misleading. Should be renamed matte champagne gold.

  • 5

    Very happy customer!

    Posted by Sheila Sheppard on 18th May 2023

    16” tru-slim picture lights—I am am very pleased with the product and personal service provided by cocoweb.. Gabriel discussed my project via phone and helped make the best choice for my foyer which features twin Chinese ancestors portraits, posi

  • 5

    30" Tru-Slim LED Picture Light

    Posted by bill on 20th Mar 2023

    Great product. Have three of them. Easy to install and work great

  • 5

    Picture frame light

    Posted by George on 4th Oct 2022

    Great with dimmer and remote and 2700k. Covers larger pairing and works perfectly

  • 5

    tru-slim picture light

    Posted by mark on 24th Sep 2022

    Excellent product. Easy to install, looks great on the painting....exactly as advertised

  • 5

    Customizable Tru-Slim

    Posted by Juan Podesta on 27th Jul 2022

    Excellent product and customer service! I purchased a 30" painting light with battery and remote control. The picture light couldn't be better! However, battery did not work continuously and, after a 5 min phone call, Cocoweb shipped a replacement battery.

  • 5

    30" Tru-Slim LED

    Posted by William Shofstall on 28th Mar 2022

    The older, bulky "painting lights" were what I did NOT want... old school. In my opinion, they detract from the art. I searched the internet, came across Cocoweb's Tru-Slim style of LED lighting. I spoke with Gabriel on the phone to make sure I choose the correct width. I installed the light on the drywall, behind the painting, in my family room. It was quite easy to accomplish. The light is perfect, meeting my expectations! Simply put, you see the art, not the light source. The customer service is excellent at Cocoweb. THANK YOU for a great product!

  • 5


    Posted by G Carrico on 7th Mar 2022

    Very happy with this light - love the ability to dim so the lighting is not overly harsh. Easy to install. I got the rechargeable battery pack since I didn’t want wires hanging out of the picture and I wanted the flexibility to move the painting (and light).

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