Traditional Black & White 14" Goodyear LED Barn Light

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Introducing Cocoweb’s absolute pinnacle of Los Angeles Oldage-brand barn lighting: The Gooseneck Barn Light. Featuring a design based off of the quintessential muse for all aesthetic lighting, the classical barn light, the Oldage Gooseneck is Cocoweb’s solution to elegant lighting in the modern day world. As a result, this luminaire blends in with the sophisticated décor of dining rooms, parlors, and living rooms alike.

Each light is hand-coated with advanced, weatherproof powdered paint, on a resilient metal body, allowing the Oldage to survive even in the harshest of climates without tarnish. In fact, the light is MET listed for wet locations, making it the perfect exterior and interior lamp for all your verandas and courtyards. Accessorized with both a short stem and a long stem, this light is meant to decorate and illuminate no matter where you mount it.

The Oldage Gooseneck Barn Light comes in a variety of colors and sizes. This model is painted a cherry red, a bright color to liven up any décor. The 18” shade is great for lighting up larger sized areas, making it a perfect fit for kitchens, dining rooms, and other large rooms.

Personalized Style - Available with a choice of 5 shades and 7 arms Custom Finishes - Mix and match arms and shades to find the perfect color/finish combination
LED Technology - Natural-light LED nodes shine warmly in your home Energy Efficient - Shines at 1600 lumens for over 50,000 hours
Fully Dimmable - Compatible with wall dimmers for total brightness control Weatherproofed - Powder coat allows for placement inside and out

Personalized Style

Tailored for your individual interior design, Cocoweb Barn Lights are fully customizable with over 3000 different shade, arm, color and size options available. Choose from a unique selection of 5 shades and 7 arms—each available in up to 7 elegant finishes—to best match your design and truly personalize the way you decorate your home.

Custom Finishes

Graced with vintage style, the Goodyear represents classic barn light form, with a deep shade that provides truly vivid lighting both indoors and out. Available in white, black, galvanized silver, and mahogany bronze, the Goodyear offers focused illumination with either a 10” or 14” shade, and is well-suited to any of our 7 hanging arms: match the shade with our G15 Rustic arm to keep that vintage feel, or mix it with our G1 Metropolitan to make the past meet the present. For a wider angle of lighting, however, be aware of our Calla and Oldage barn lights, which combine classic style with modern panning shades that easily illuminate entire landscapes; to keep in the style of ornate elegance, our Peony and BlackSpot lights offer sophisticated style to match their vibrant illumination.

Shades of the Goodyear Wall Barn Lights
LED Technology

For the latest in lighting technology, Cocoweb Barn Lights are powered by cutting-edge LED nodes that shine at a warm 2700K color temperature. This natural lighting is matched by a brightness of 1600 lumens, the equivalent of a 100W incandescent bulb. In fact, our LEDs work with the highest levels of energy efficiency and last up to 50,000 hours—years longer than the average incandescent or fluorescent bulb. Our LED Barn Lights are rich with the vintage elegance of traditional home lighting, but still run with the very best in illumination technology.

Energy Efficient

Not only do our LEDs last about 67 times longer than the average incandescent bulb, but they also operate at a much lower wattage and temperature while still providing the same amount of light as a 100W incandescent bulb. Overall, our LED technology offers savings in both your electric bill and the environment, reducing energy consumption and leading to a greener Earth.

Full Dimmable

Each light is able to be controlled by most wall dimmers, giving you a full range of brightness up to 1600 lumens.


Our barn lights are coated with an advanced weatherproof powder paint on a steel frame, allowing them to withstand the elements, no matter how harsh. Each light is put to the test and has been rated as an MET listed item for indoor or outdoor use.









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