Cholla Glow, Joshua Tree National Park by Mark Gotchall

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Cholla Glow, Joshua Tree National Park, California

Sunrise at Cholla Garden in Joshua Tree National Park. The rising sun allowed me to create a sun star, and the backlight glow on the Cholla made this a memorable morning.

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About the Artist:

 Mark’s love of nature and passion for exploring new places drives his passion for photography. Living in Oregon all his life, Mark’s appreciation for the outdoors began at an early age. Capturing images that are worthy of hanging on the wall is a bonus for a day outdoors. Combining landscape photography with an enjoyment of the outdoors; hiking, walking on the beach, star gazing, and traveling, he looks for places less traveled, detouring down gravel roads to see hidden waterfalls, or to see ruts in the rocks from an old wagon road, or petroglyphs. He works to capture that special moment in time of the beautiful sights that nature creates for others to enjoy.

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Joshua Tree
Mark Gotchall
Mark Gotchall Photography
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