Barn Lights Frequent Asked Questions

1. What is the wattage equivalent for the barn lights?

At 1600 lumens, our preinstalled LED arrays are equivalent to a 100-watt incandescent bulb.

2. Are your barn lights UL listed?

Cocoweb Barn Lights are UL registered, MET Listed and Dark Sky approved.

3. How Long is the cord?

The cord for the barn lights is 6 feet in length.

4. How bright is the LED?

The integrated LED array is equivalent to a 100-watt incandescent bulb.

5. What color light does it provide?

Cocoweb’s LED array is 2700k which is a warm white.

6. Are the barn lights dark sky compliant?

Our Cocoweb Barn Lights are International Dark-Sky Association approved.

7. Does the copper patina?

The copper finish on the Customizable LED Barn Lights does not patina.

8. How many should I get above my garage?

You can reference our barn light sizing guide on our website here: Barn Light Size Chart

9. After installing the photosensor, my light keeps flashing on and off, what do I do?

Verify that the photosensor is facing up (toward the sky). If you continue to have problems with the photosensor, please contact our customer service.

10. What are the range and angle on the motion sensor?

The motion sensor will trigger 50ft from the light and covers a 90-degree angle.

11. How long does the light stay on after detecting motion?

Once the motion sensor is activated, the light will stay on for 5 minutes.

12. How should I properly install these lights outdoors?

For installation outdoors, we recommend using Teflon tape and the included rubber gasket to seal the electrical from outside elements.

13. Can I install the barn light on a junction box?

Unfortunately, our barn lights are not compatible with exposed junction box or wiring.

14. Can the LED’s be replaced?

The LED array can be replaced. Please call customer service at (888) 783 - 0378, Monday - Friday, 8 am to 4 pm PST to purchase a replacement LED array.

15. How are these weatherproofed?

Cocoweb Barn Lights feature a high-quality steel shade and base which are MET listed for outdoor weather conditions. The shade is powder coated to resist water damage and to prevent paint chipping and fading over time.

16. Can the pendants be mounted on a slanted ceiling?

The Cocoweb Barn Lights can be installed on a slanted ceiling without the downrod. The cord would allow the light to hang properly from a slanted ceiling.

17. Can I only get one piece of the downrod kit for the pendant lights?

The downrod kit comes in four 1-foot pieces. You can use 1-4 pieces, depending on the desired length.

18. How long is the cord on the pendant barn lights?

The pendant barn light cords are 6 feet in length. The Verizon Pendant Barn Light cords are 20 feet in length.

19. Is there a PDF version of the manuals?

Digital versions of the Cocoweb manuals can be found here: Manuals