A Short History of Vintage Lighting

Our reliance on electricity is, all things considered, fairly recent. It’s been roughly a century and a half since we ceased using gas to light our homes, and since then we’ve continued to push forward with our technological advancements in the name of modernization, so much so that what was mere theory in the 1900s is now a commodity of our daily lives. An area where this march to progress is blurred, however, is in what we know as “vintage lighting”. Even though vintage lighting styles are a bit antiquated in terms of technology, they’re still relevant today, often used as a template to help design products that are not only useful, but stylish as well.

Vintage Barn Lights

Our Gooseneck Barn Lights features the classic style of vintage lighting: a wall-mounted frame and simple, unadorned shade

To go back to the beginning of electrical lighting, when houses were first being optimized for electrical use, lighting fixtures had to be affixed to the wall in the same fashion as gas and oil-powered lights. This was simply an installation of convenience: gas and oil lamps were wall-mounted, so the new electrical lights were as well, just because that was the way things always were. Electricity was in its infancy which made the installation of lighting fixtures exponentially difficult for consumers. The modern electrical outlet was still years out, so any electrical connection had to be done by directly wiring the appliance to the cables in the walls. Take a moment to imagine coming home from your local hardware store, ready to install a brand new desk lamp, only to realize that you have no electrical outlet to plug it in. Instead, you would have to go through the process of tearing down walls just to install the necessary wiring to enjoy your new lighting fixture.

LED Lighting

Modern Lighting at its best with our multifunction LED desk lamp with convenient plug-in cord

Needless to say, the playing field soon changed when electricity became harnessed to its full extent. Inventors filed patent after patent for electrical appliances, and investors flocked to mass produce affordable and reliable technology for the home. Electrical outlets widened the style of lights available, enabling lighting just about anywhere.

LED Art Lights

A fusion of vintage style with modern lighting technology, our Classic Art Lights capture classic form but still run on the latest technology

Despite this, vintage lighting is still alive and well in our current day and age, albeit with an update in technology. Classic style never goes out of fashion, and with the updates of easy electrical installation and brilliant LED illumination, vintage lighting has never looked better. Classic barn lights are an example of this exquisite infusion of modern utility and chic elegance. No matter how far our technological advances take us, our love for vintage designs will never fade away.

30th Jun 2015 Eiraj Zandi

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