Incorporating Piano Lamps Into Your Home Décor

Incorporating Piano Lamps Into Your Home Décor

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Piano lamps are one of those often overlooked home accessories due to their name. The name “piano lamps” or “piano lights” implies that they’re really only useful for musicians, and while they are an essential tool for a pianist of any level to have in their toolkit, they still have countless uses outside piano playing. Elegant and sophisticated, piano lamps strike an impressive silhouette and can easily be incorporated into any home while still serving a functional purpose.

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Piano lamps of all shapes and sizes

Fundamentally, piano lamps still serve the primary purpose of illuminating your sheet music. We don’t need to go to optometry school to tell you with confidence that light will help prevent eye strain when reading music, but it’s worth knowing that piano lamps come in all shapes and sizes to get the job done.

  • The classic desk lamp. Perhaps the most iconic model, the elegant desk lamp is short, compact, and versatile. It sits atop the surface of your piano (or desk, nightstand, end table, etc.) with a solid base and adds subtle visual interest to your room.
  • The utilitarian grand piano lamp. Specifically designed for pianos, grand piano lamps clamp directly onto the sheet music stand. They typically feature a curved neck and a long, slim light to optimize the radius of illumination.
  • The multipurpose freestanding floor lamp. Without requiring a table to stand upon, the standalone floor lamp acts well as its own piece of furniture while remaining easy to incorporate into even limited spaces.

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Form and function

Piano lamps are extremely adaptable to practically any room interior due to the range of their designs and styles. From traditional to ultra-contemporary, piano lamps can easily be coordinated with other home accessories and furniture based on silhouettes, finishes, and more.

  • Sleek and contemporary. Several piano lamps have embraced a slim and minimalist profile, which pairs perfectly with contemporary design and architecture. With an emphasis on sleek lines and clean angles, piano floor lamps like this one blend beautifully with modern décor and monochromatic palettes.
  • Classical elegance. The more traditional beveled silhouette of lamps like this desk style piano lamp embrace an old world charm, elevating the overall look of your piano or study space. The antiqued brass finish in this example coordinates beautifully with other traditional elements, such as clocks, candelabras, ornate art frames, and other metal accents of similar sheen and finish.
  • Transitional style. Negotiating between traditional and modern styles, this grand piano lamp emulates a more transitional look by combining a modern and minimalist gooseneck with a more traditional hooded shade. Transitional piano lamps may be the easiest to adapt to existing rooms, as they can fit in with décor of any style, from classic to contemporary.

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A musician’s eyes’ best friend

While planning design elements, it’s important to not forget the relationship between piano lamps and the piano (and piano space) itself.

Piano lamps’ primary function is still to provide lighting for musicians to read sheet music. All of Cocoweb’s piano lamps use modern LED bulbs, which provides a number of benefits. LED lighting emits low infrared waves and low amounts of heat, as well as no UV rays like traditional bulbs do. The payoff? There’s no risk of damaging or fading printed or handwritten music even with prolonged exposure to light.

Our piano lamps’ LED lights are also set to warm, gentle color temperatures, which imitates natural light and is overall easy on the eyes—even in darkness or low light settings. Your eyes won’t be harmed by the contrast, unlike with harsh blue-toned lighting found in cheap LEDs.

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Don’t limit yourself to piano playing

The sky’s the limit with piano lamps! Dozens of uses for piano lamps that aren’t piano playing exist too. For example, floor lamps with their freestanding nature are useful for other creative setups, such as writing and secretary desks, and large workstations involving drafting tables and art easels.

Desk lamps still carry a classic library feel to them, and can also be used for writing and library desks, studies and offices, and even as a bedside lamp as their compact size is perfect for nightstands. Their more classically styled counterparts elevate the elegance of a formal office or study space, and pair beautifully with luxurious dark wood and antique finishes.

In conclusion

Piano lamps are essential for both the music enthusiast and professional pianist, but their use is not limited to music. At home in any room and in any interior style from classic to modern, piano lamps are versatile, functional, and always elegant. Browse Cocoweb’s diverse range of piano lamp offerings and find the best fit for your inner Beethoven.

29th Mar 2018 Ann Smarty

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