LED Lights for Houseplants and Indoor Gardening

LED Lights for Houseplants and Indoor Gardening

Houseplants add a fresh breath of life inside and bring us closer to nature. From the cascading vines of pothos, philodendrons, and hoyas, to the large majestic leaves of a bird of paradise or fiddle leaf fig tree. The sleek architectural wonder of snake plants and the bold simplicity of alocasias add a wealth of style to a room. The timeless elegance of ferns and parlor palms bestow luxury to a space. Cacti and succulents inspire the rugged beauty of the desert, while calatheas and monsteras appeal to those who long for an adventure in the jungle.

Garden centers, nurseries, and home improvement stores saw a rise in demand for houseplants in 2020, and the enthusiasm for the hobby has continued with vivaciousness. In fact, sales are predicted to continue growth in the upcoming years.

After acquiring the perfect houseplant to add to your space, the next step is researching the proper care and requirements to keep your plants healthy and beautiful. Soil, fertilizer, and watering needs often take center stage but lighting is often overlooked. Simply increasing the light exposure for a plant can work wonders and revitalize a stagnant houseplant and revive it to its former glory.

“Low light” houseplants are a popular myth, and while many plants will survive with dimmer lighting, all plants need adequate lighting to survive long term and thrive. Fortunately, a lack of windows or sunlight in the cooler months are no longer limitations for the house plant enthusiast. Even in the coldest depths of winter, after the leaves on the trees and flowers outside have made their graceful exit for the year, indoor plants can continue to grow, and remain lush and vibrant year round. Many gardeners in cooler climates bring potted plants inside for the winter to protect from freezing temperatures. For plants that forgo a dormancy period, providing additional lighting can encourage new growth year round. Adding LED lights to a room allows you to cultivate indoor plants in any climate, any time of year.

Our LED lights at Cocoweb offer a 2700 Kelvin color temperature, which is equivalent to the warm color during sunrise, with morning light being highly beneficial to plants. 2700K is also the ideal light temperature to promote flowering in both ornamental plants as well as edible. Furthermore, LED lights prevent the most sensitive plants from leaf burn, which can result from too much direct exposure from the heat of sunlight. Our LED lights provide brightness without adding heat, making them safer for your plants. LED lights give off virtually no heat at all, and they can even be placed within six inches of the plant without harm.

Highly variegated plants flourish with ample light and will lose variegation in new growth if their lighting needs are not met. It was often believed that using LED lights as grow lights limited one’s options to a combination of harsh red and blue lights, however, soft warm lighting provides plants with sufficient light for photosynthesis to occur while blending seamlessly into a room. Photosynthesis is a process that occurs in plants where light energy is converted into chemical energy that the plant can then use to grow. Overhead, hanging LED lights is the best way to mimic the sun because it delivers light from above, and enables the plant to grow evenly as it reaches for the light source.

Like outdoor plants, houseplants need several hours of darkness for their growing cycle, and additionally, to not damage their foliage from over exposure. Growing plants indoors does not require having lights on all day, and eight to ten hours is sufficient for most plants. Our LED lights are both cost effective and longer lasting than incandescent or fluorescent lights, making them the perfect solution.

The Customizable Pottery Indoor LED Barn Pendant Light is a wonderful option for a pendant light as the shade does not inhibit light in any direction. Lighting fixtures are the best option if you have multiple houseplants. Our lights feature a WeatherProof Design, which not only prevents cracking, chipping and fading over time when placed outside, but is also important indoors especially when lights can be exposed to moisture from plants requiring higher humidity through the use of humidifiers or misting.

For larger plants and indoor trees, an adjustable floor lamp like our High Powered, Dimmable LED Piano Floor Lamp is beneficial, with its adjustable neck for when your houseplant grows taller.

Transitioning plants to brighter lighting very suddenly can be stressful for certain plants, so the dimmable feature of our lights allows you to slowly adjust the level of brightness until the plant can acclimate. In addition, if a plant requires more light, the light source can be adjusted closer to the foliage.

While a more permanent fixture, our Customizable Calla Gooseneck Sign Light allows for movement in endless directions, and is well suited for placement above a plant shelf or table. The adjustable swivel joint enables the gooseneck arm to swivel, which allows for the perfect angle of lighting necessary for rearranging plants as well as accommodating plant growth.

Vibrant greenery in one’s home, business, or workplace can provide a magnitude of benefits, from cleaner air, to stress relief, as well as adding visual interest to a space. Whether you are a serious plant hobbyist with the rarest, most covetable plants in your collection, or simply enjoy the striking look that a solitary houseplant brings, caring for your houseplants can coexist with keeping your space stylish and illuminated.

24th Nov 2021 Crystal Washington

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