​Light Sensors for Security and Efficiency

​Light Sensors for Security and Efficiency

Outdoor illumination keeps homes and businesses visible at night, while helping to dissuade crime, but leaving lights on all night is both costly and a waste of energy. Adding motion sensors to your lights, which are only activated when movement is detected, is a great solution. In a similar vein, accessorizing your light fixtures with photocell technology allows you to illuminate your surroundings only when darkness is sensed, rather than motion.

Previously, motion sensor activated light fixtures were limited to large and bulky designs, existing solely for function, but Cocoweb’s LED lights enable you to choose a stylish design that seamlessly blends in and suits the unique aesthetic of your business or home. For security purposes, they are less obvious than traditional flood lights, while still offering plenty of coverage.

Traditional Motion Sensor Lights

Customizable Calla Indoor/Outdoor LED Barn Light

When businesses close for the evening, exterior motion sensor security lighting may help deter break-ins or vandalism overnight. The rapidly deployed lights can startle potential trespassers, and are particularly effective when placed near security cameras, offering a clearer image to be captured and recorded.

Adding motion sensor capabilities to your choice of lighting is even more customizable, with the large selection of colors and finishes at Cocoweb. Our LED lights can be fully customized from the shape and color of the shade, to the stem, as well as the base.

Motion sensor lights are more efficient than security lights that stay on all the time, as they require less electricity, and have the added benefit of reducing light pollution in the environment. They can also be used indoors to reduce utility costs. Another form of security that motion sensors provide is lighting up walkways to ensure safe footing after dark. For home use, a motion sensor activated light can provide added safety for pets in the darkness, and when combined with a pet door, allows your dog or cat to freely and safely access the outdoors in the evening without waking the household.

Barn Light Base Motion Sensor in Solid Brass

The motion sensor triggers 50 feet from the light and covers a 90-degree angle. Once the motion sensor is activated, the light will stay on for 5 minutes, or until motion in the vicinity is no longer detected. Our light fixtures are safe from the elements and MET listed for outdoor weather conditions. The shades are powder coated to resist water damage and to prevent paint chipping and fading over time, while an included rubber gasket seals the electrical components to further protect the light from the elements.

Cocoweb’s lighting fixtures can also be customized to feature Photocell technology.

The science behind photocells, also referred to as photoeyes, is that they utilize semiconductors, an essential component of electronic devices, to control an electric current. A photocell produces an electrical signal when an object interrupts the light beam to the cell, and in this case, the object is the lack of sunlight.

The most common use for photocells is for turning exterior lights on at dusk and off at dawn. The sensors detect ambient light levels and automatically adjust to seasonal changes, which keep them unaffected by daylight savings time, as well as the varying brightness due to differing weather conditions. Photocell controlled exterior lights create the illusion of occupancy when you are not home or your business is closed for the day, which can deter intruders. Photocells are often used in lighting sources for parking lots as well as street lights after dark, and switching illuminated business signs on or off.

Motion sensors and photocells are compatible with the many different styles of lighting fixtures at Cocoweb.

Barn Light Base Photocell in Black

Additionally, unlike other models, our LED lights are compatible with angled walls or ceilings, and our sign lights are able to be adjusted to illuminate the direction of your choice after installation.

Customizable Peony Porch Sign Light

Customizable Dahlia Wall Sconce

Whichever design and accessories you choose, Cocoweb’s LED Lights are UL registered, MET Listed and International Dark-Sky Association approved. Our light fixtures provide brightness while minimizing glare, contribute less to light pollution, and feature a warm, environmentally responsible hue that does not interfere with nocturnal wildlife or cause disruption of circadian rhythms in humans. Cocoweb lights offer a brightness of 1600 lumens, and a light color temperature of 2700k, which is a warm white similar to that of sunlight. The preinstalled LED arrays are equivalent to a 100-watt incandescent bulb, providing plenty of illumination for the darkest conditions.

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