The Advantages of LED Lighting

The simplest step you can take to protect your wall art is to use LED bulbs for picture lighting. Regular halogen or incandescent bulbs damage paintings and photographs. When you switch to LED bulbs you take a key step in maintaining the clarity of your pictures.

Breakthrough Lighting Technology

The invention of the light bulb revolutionized indoor lighting and in the years since its adoption in American homes, the light bulb has undergone many improvements. Halogen bulbs offer bright illumination in a compact form, but aren't as efficient as LED lighting and more importantly can harm most art materials. Another serious concern is the high heat these lights produce, which have been implicated in causing fires in the past.

The LED lighting breakthrough brought an improved lighting option to consumers. LED stands for light emitting diodes. This advanced technology runs cool to the touch, protecting your art from heat, and unlike many other lighting options, shatterproof LED arrays contain no mercury or other hazardous materials. Galleries and museums routinely do everything possible to preserve art through the use of temperature control and suitable lighting technology. With the power of LED lights, you can, too.

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The LED Lighting Advantage

All forms of wall art are subject to degradation from light, including mixed media, textile art, collages, black and white or color photography and any type of painting. Light offers great clarity of illumination suitable for the appreciation of treasured works of art, yet only LED lighting prevents fading or deterioration in art. This is because LEDs produce minimal ultraviolet radiation in the light they create. And when compared to most types of lighting, LEDs offer superior longevity, operating for up to 50,000 hours.

The Energy-Efficient Choice

In addition to offering visual clarity and safe lighting for art and photography, LED lighting also gives you superior energy efficiency. Changing light bulbs to energy-efficient types is a key step towards reducing both greenhouse gas emissions and your carbon footprint, preserving the environment through everyday actions. And because LEDs are cool-running lights, they use minimal electricity and therefore save on energy costs, too.

The Future of Art Lighting

Safe, non-toxic LED art lighting is the wave of the future, giving consumers a product that's green and cost-effective. LED picture lights are good for art and the environment. No more broken light bulbs, frequent bulb changes and disposal issues for bulbs that contain hazardous waste. No more bulbs too hot to touch that can cause combustion. Welcome safe, clear illumination into your home to light up your wall art and keep it looking its best. To find the perfect picture light size for your frame, be sure to check out this Picture Light Size Calculator

22nd Jan 2015 Jeremy Young

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