I recently added the LED Piano Desk Lamp to my collection of lamps and it has changed the functionality of my study time as well as the design in my front room. The traditional design of this lamp adds to the classic design of my furniture, but the functionality of the LED Piano Desk Lamp is perfect for my study needs. Literally, all I needed to do to make this lamp work is plug it in and touch the base. That’s it! It has three different levels of brightness, depending on how much light I am looking for. This corner in my living room has become the perfect corner for both studying and reading.

LED desk lamp

The modern twist comes in the minimal design of this classic. While this lamp may have a traditional style, there is not an overabundance of bells and whistles to it. There are simply two adjustment cranks to change the position of the lamp, but with these two adjustments this lamp can move into many different positions. Another modern quality of this lamp are the LED lights it is equipped with. These lights will allow the lamp to last for over 20 years if it is used for five hours a day. I know for a fact that I would use this lamp for a maximum of two hours a day, so, at that rate, I’ll have this lamp for over forty years. Talk about modern technology and a modern twist.

led desk lamp2

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