My favorite desk lamp that Cocoweb has to offer gives my design a multi-functional element that no other lamp can quite measure up to. The Natural Light Multi-Function LED Desk Lamp adds a modern twist to my classically bohemian style. It’s one of the elements in my design that I believe allows me to call my taste Modern Bohemian. Its sleek style makes it compact and versatile, and, if you haven’t noticed, I absolutely love versatility.

What I love most about this little lamp is that it has four different settings and within each setting there are three different levels. The four settings are reading, study, relax, and sleep. Here are my reviews of each setting:


Reading: the reading light is a bright, white light that is absolutely perfect for both studying and reading. It isn’t too bright, but it’s a great starter setting for this lamp. The best part about this lamp is that you can turn each setting up or down, so it really is very versatile in the brightness of the light. It’s a little like having a dimmer, but with more high tech controls.

Study: the study light gives off more of a blue light in comparison to the “read” setting. What is interesting about this blue light is that there have been studies done that show blue light actually keeps you alert because it suppresses melatonin. This can come in handy while studying. I thought maybe this blue light was just to look pretty (and let me point out, the blue tint is very slight), but it is actually to help keep you alert while you study. There’s a science behind this light!


Relax: The relax setting gives off a bit of a yellow light. I did some research again, just out of curiosity. Studies show that blue light blocks melatonin 5x more than yellow light. This results in a relaxing function in yellow hued light. I find this to be true with this light, and as the icon shows, this setting is great for a cup of coffee.

Sleep: this light is more of a yellow orange hue. I often turn this setting on and then set the 60 minute timer function on so the light will automatically turn off after I fall asleep. The yellow orange has a deeper relaxation effect than the yellow of the relax function, so it’s perfect for lying in bed and watching Netflix until sleep or just as a cautionary night light.


my room


Another great feature of this light is a USB port on the side, so you can use this light to charge your electronics. I charge my phone overnight using this light by my bed. I find it’s the best way to go. It comes in handy if I can't find my wall charger or I simply don't want to use my computer to charge my phone.

This is a great little lamp for anyone that's in college or does a lot of reading at night. Or, quite simply, this is a great light in general. It has a sleek design that competes with a lot of popular brands out there and it is just oh so functional.

8th May 2014 Lauren Miller

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