Using Picture Lights in your Art Gallery

Using Picture Lights in your Art Gallery

If you are a person who has artwork displayed on the wall in your home, you likely chose them because they added a certain flair to your decor. They tell a story about you as a person and wanted it to be something that made others stop and ponder the beauty of the display.

There is no doubt that paintings, murals, and other forms of art can greatly enhance your home. This is especially true if you have chosen a piece that is exquisitely designed or which might even be quite expensive. You really want to show this off, and this is why choosing the right picture lights to display your art piece is essential.

Lighting Matters

If you are an art connoisseur then you may already be aware of this, but for those who are a little new to the art world, it is important to understand that lighting plays a key part in the aesthetics of your home. Not only does it add vibrance to your paintings, but also helps to set the atmosphere, tone, and mood of the surrounding area.

You want to ensure that the light you are selecting accents the piece in just the right way, highlighting colors, vibrancy, and texture. This is where your art lighting truly matters the most.

Getting the Proper Lighting for your Art

It is not just about having lights shining on your artwork. You want to make sure you are choosing quality LED picture lights and that they are the right size, shape, and in the right position to accent each piece.

It is important to consider that the source of light shining on your mural or picture has a huge impact on how the subject of that piece appears. The lighting helps to add a greater level of grandeur to the artwork, as it makes it the focus of the room. You will find that lighting can “heat” the picture, so that certain tones, shapes, and designs come out even brighter. It creates a spectacular look, that is all accomplished by the picture lights you are choosing.

It is also important to consider the length of the picture light you have selected. These often range anywhere from 10 inches all the way up to 43 inches. Choosing a picture light that is too small may not highlight your beautiful artwork in the way that you desire. A light that is too long may over extend the light past the frame and light up a portion of the wall around the art.

LED lights illuminating the artwork in just the right way can bring life to the colors and shapes to fit the beauty of the image. This is a key to bringing out a spectacular art piece in the way that it should be. Plus, choosing LED lights helps to maintain the integrity of your painting as well. Too much light over time can cause the painting to fade, become dull, or even crack but LED lights protect the painting from this kind of damage.

Seek Some Assistance

If you are having difficulty finding the proper light for your artwork, then consider asking one of our professionals. Our experts can help suggest the best light for your painting and with the proper size, accent color, and installation type. You are going to find that this will really bring your art to life and get the look that you desire so that your artwork becomes the showpiece that you long for.

Seeking the assistance of a professional can also help you to choose the right type of picture light. Maybe it would be best to use a mounted light, such as a tru-slim or classic picture light. Track lighting is ideal if you have a larger size painting or sculpture. This enables you to highlight specific areas of the painting as well, by positioning the lights in certain areas.

A Glow to Warm Your Heart

Consider walking through the door of your home to see the light illuminating your beautiful painting. What a great way to enter your house or to wake up each day with the thought of this beautiful artwork highlighted by your choice of picture light.

Your artwork is meant to make your home a reflection of you. It will be these moments that will help to make your day a truly spectacular one thanks to the perfect light display you have selected.

20th Aug 2021

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