High Powered, Dimmable LED Piano Floor Lamp

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  • High Powered, Dimmable LED Piano Floor Lamp
  • High Powered, Dimmable LED Piano Floor Lamp
  • High Powered, Dimmable LED Piano Floor Lamp
  • High Powered, Dimmable LED Piano Floor Lamp
  • High Powered, Dimmable LED Piano Floor Lamp
  • High Powered, Dimmable LED Piano Floor Lamp
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The High Powered, Dimmable LED Piano Floor Lamp is perfect for those with a limited desk or table-top space. The small, round base fits most spaces. The slim shade houses a powerful LED array that provides generous light for any task. Use this space-saving lamp for your office, music room or reading nook!

LED Technology

Specialized LED Lighting

Cocoweb’s integrated LED array resembles natural sunlight, a warm white light, which prevents eye strain. Each lamp comes pre-installed with 24 LED nodes that consume less than half of the electricity of incandescent bulbs. Our LED arrays are rated for 50,000 hours of use, which is approximate to 5 years of constant use.

adjustable swivel

Adjustability / Versatility

Shade rotation and two points of adjustment allow you to get the perfect position for your lighting needs.


Dimming Controller

Each lamp comes with a dimmer wheel. The dimmer wheel is located on the stand of the unit for easy accessibility and controls the full-range dimmer as well as the on/off function.

felt base

Premium Felt Padding

A felt bottom protects your piano’s finish from minor scratches. Easy to reach toggle switch turns the light on and off in conjunction with the dimmer switch.


Plug-in Adapter

A 10-foot, black, plug-in adapter is included to power your lamp. The cord length allows you to reach practically any outlet with ease.


Quality Materials

The High Powered, Dimmable LED Piano Floor Lamp is available in 4 finishes; Antique Brass, Black with Brass Accents, Black with Satin Nickel Accents and Mahogany Bronze. This unit is Black with Brass Accents. Each color is a matte, powder-coated finish. The powder coating ensures a beautiful finish for lifetime use.


    Power Source 10ft Plug-In Power Cord
    Material Steel and Aluminum
    Bulb Pre-installed LEDs
    Finish Black with Brass Accents
    Color Temperature 2700k
    Brightness 960 Lumens
    Color Rendering Index 90
    LEDs 24 Nodes 
    Dimmable Yes
    Lighting adjustable directional
    Lifespan 50,000 Hrs
    Power Usage 12W
    Input Voltage 110-240VAC to 24VDC

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Additional Information

Piano Floor Lamps
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21 Reviews

  • 5

    perfect piano lamp

    Posted by Jean-Daniel Portigheis on 31st Jan 2017

    I really had troubles finding a floor piano lamp in Europe (I live in Switzerland). I found the Cocoweb site and ordered it from the US. My point is that I didn't want my grand piano to be opened all the time at the music shelf area and collect all the dust. A classic fixed piano lamp should be removed all the time in order to close the front top board, which really is a pain in the neck. With a floor lamp, no problems at all... This one has a very nice design and the warm led light is perfect for both the keyboard and the sheet music. Only regret is that it is only delivered with a US plug. I had to buy a adapter. Overall, I'm very happy...

  • 4


    Posted by Ben Dk on 7th Jan 2017

    The recipient liked the gift, but it was missing the screw to connect the pieces. Unable to find black screws of this specific size. But great service who responded to my call and ship parts free within 24 hours.

  • 4

    Suggestion for Improvement

    Posted by David W. on 28th Dec 2016

    I wrote a 5-star review 11 months ago. Besides suggesting that the lamp could be a couple of inches taller, now I've found that the lamp head tends to sag from its horizontal position over time. I had to really tighten the first (lower) joint down (for it carries the more load), but I was afraid that I could break the lever if I had to do it repeatedly. My suggestion is to redesign the joints; I believe that the contact surfaces between the parts are just too smooth. (Noticed that a reviewer of last June also pointed out these issues.)

  • 5

    Assembly difficulties

    Posted by Margaret on 20th Dec 2016

    This lamp was a bit hard to assemble, particularly screwing the lower vertical segment to the base. Perhaps you can consider shipping the lamp fully assembled. Other than that, Perfect!

  • 5

    Elegant fixture, plenty of light

    Posted by Andy on 12th Dec 2016

    This beautifully styled lamp looks great when it's off but contributes significantly to lighting up the entire room (15' x 15') when it's turned on completely. Appreciate that there's no rheostat on the floor to step on. Lamp is dimmed by turning knob on pole.

  • 5

    Great Piano Lamp

    Posted by Carolyn T on 29th Sep 2016

    This is far and away the best piano lamp I've ever had. The best thing about it is that it does not cast a shadow on the keyboard, something I've had to contend with in the past with other piano lamps. I am using it next to my 7-foot grand. Because of the dimmer, I can have exactly the right amount of light for me or for my piano students who also love this lamp. Besides all of this, the price was very reasonable and its beautiful modern design is great looking. So this lamp scores high in both form and function. I couldn't be happier with it!

  • 5


    Posted by Chris on 31st Jul 2016

    The High Powered, Dimmable LED Piano Floor Lamp is beautiful and so very easy to assemble . Shipping was fast - the same week!

  • 4

    Great lamp, great company

    Posted by Johnny T. on 3rd Jun 2016

    This is an expensive lamp and I did much research prior to purchase. There are lots of goods and a few bads with this lamp, hence only four stars. Performance: The lamp (sort of) works as intended--read on. It's 19" LED array produces a fairly wide pan of light left and right and the LED array can be rotated approximately 30 degrees depending upon your preference for shedding more light on the keyboard or music desk or something in between. The color temperature of the LEDs is not a bright daylight temp but more of a soft white temp and is good for high visabilty of both the keyboard and written music. There's plenty of light if you turn the dimmer to full blast. If you have been using another piano lamp, this one will probably alter the appearance of your keys a bit--not a big deal. The LEDs can be very bright on high and I find myself using the dim feature most of the time. The LEDs emit almost zero heat. In terms of lighting performance it will do what you want. The 19" LED array is made up of 24 individual LEDs. Desigh: This lamp is very stylish. The base is substantial and sits evenly on a carpeted floor and is quite slim in height. The adjustment features are a plus. I use it with my Yamaha C3X (one hell of a piano!). The music desk of the C3X is about 33" in width. The LED array is 19" in length. It would have been nice to have the LED array a bit longer so that the light-emitting array could be more symmetrically placed in front of the music desk with 14" (= 33" - 19") on each side. In order to get as much left-side/right-side eveness as possible I must place the main stem about 1/4 inch to the left of low A on the keyboard and on the inside of the piano almost touching the key bed. This position gives great light on the right and left sides of the keyboard with acceptable light on the highest and lowest octaves. This is not a big deal and gives me reasonable symmetry with about 8" of open music desk on the right and about 5" on the left. My left hand never hits the stem. However, for some pianists the close proximity of the main stem to low A may be a negative. When in this position the lamp is about 5" or 6" above my head and it is not a bother as there is no direct light into the eyes. If you are over 6' tall however the LED array height could be a problem. As pointed out by another reviewer, the first arm above the main stem (which is 4" in height) should have been a bit longer. This would have placed the LED array higher above the seated player. Likewise the first adjustable arm above the main stem could be a bit longer. This would have allowed a more even spacing of the LED array across the music desk. I find that placing the main stem on the outside of the left rim of the piano to not work as this position really limits the light over the right side of the desk and keyboard. The design is not flimsy but it's perhaps not as subtantial as you might think from the pictures. While the design does allow many adjustments to suit personal tastes it's not meant to be adjusted continuously. My suggestion is that once you get it adjusted to your likes, leave it alone except for turning it on/off and dimming. Incidentally, the on/off switch is part of the dimmer. The switch and dimmer have a solid feel. Also I would limit the number of times you use the two adjustment knobs as (with other desk lamps, etc.) these knobs probably have limited staying power and might allow the LED arm to sag if tightened and untighted too much. You don't want to find out; adjust both knobs and then leave them and the lamp position alone. Assembly: In general the lamp with all it's moving parts is a bit cumbersome to assemble. I would assemble it on a carpeted floor or on towels. My main criticism with assembly has to do with the AC adapter inlet where the stem fits into the base. The stem is secured by two screws and it's best to have someone help as the inlet collar does not accept the stem with ease; the collar should be been a bit longer given the need to move the heavy base when alligning the screw holes. Also be very careful to not cross-thread the screws. And make sure your Phillips head driver really fits the screw heads snuggly. The graphic of the assembly above the stem shows the lamp can be rotated 360 degrees. This is an adjustment I don't need to make and I've not looked into it further. If you use this lamp with a grand piano I can't image why this adjustment would be needed. Other: Cocoweb is a great company and they answered my questions accurately and they stand behind the product. The LEDs have a supposed 50,000 hour life. I assume this is an expected value life. If so, there's a standard deviation involved (not reported); some LEDs may get more life and others may get less, maybe a lot less. The lamp comes with a two-year warranty including the LED array. After that you can buy LED arrays for (I think) $40 + shipping. You won't find this proprietary LED array at Home Depot. I am unsure whether the lamp must be returned to Cocoweb for LED replacement or whether the owner can DYI. I add that the whole LED array must be changed; individual LEDs are not changeable (from what Cocoweb told me). This lamp is appealing in that you can completely close your grand piano and not have to remove a clamp-on type lamp from the music desk first. Summary: This product works and produces the light you need where you need it. And for grand pianos it's probably better than their smaller, less expensive version. Any negative comments above are only mentioned to help the buyer with the fine points. This lamp is the best thing going on the market today for grand pianos.

  • 5

    Great light for my harpsichord

    Posted by Patricia Chunn on 16th May 2016

    You need help to assemble.

  • 5

    Great Light

    Posted by David W on 15th Jan 2016

    Probably the best lamp for grand piano. It lights up the music and the entire keyboard (no shadow on black keys). Dimmer adjustment is continuous, not incremental. The middle arm could be a couple of inches longer to set the light just a little higher over the pianist's head.

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