Introducing Our New Battery Operated LED Art Lights

After a rousing success with our initial batch, we here at Cocoweb are proud to announce that we are now offering our acclaimed battery operated picture lights in all of our standard art light sizes: our Tru-Slim Wireless Art Lights are now available in 12”, 16”, 21”, 30”, and 43”, and our Classic Cordless Picture Lights can be purchased in 10”, 14”, 24”, 26”, and 41” sizes.

The convenience of these new art lights can’t be matched with an infrared remote control that allows for remote operation from up to 30 feet away. In fact, this remote not only powers the light, but also lets you adjust the brightness on its LEDs and set timers of operation (up to 6 hours). And for longevity, all of our battery operated art lights run on C-Cell batteries which give you wireless painting lighting for over 50 hours on top of the 50,000 lifetime of our LEDs.

wireless art lighting

Our new 24" Battery Operated Classic Art Light in Antique Brass on display

Available colors for these models include antique brass, oil rubbed bronze, and a brand new black finish, making these picture lights perfect for just about any kind of art. And because they’re all integrated with Cocoweb’s celebrated Picture-Perfect™ LEDs, you can be sure that your artwork will always be composed in a museum-grade illumination at 90+ CRI and a warm 2700K color temperature.

Available for pre-order now, these premium LED art lights ship out nationally August 3. Cut the cord from cumbersome wired art lights and upgrade to modern wireless picture today!

16th Jul 2015 Keith Miller

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