6 Creative Ways to Organize Your Space

6 Creative Ways to Organize Your Space

As busy as so many people's schedules are, sometimes we forget to make time to ensure our homes are in order. Anyone can appreciate the peace of mind that comes from walking in to an organized space with plenty of breathing room. Here are a few organization and storage ideas that clean up your space and add to its decor at the same time.

fabric wall organizer with lamp

Image from Design Sponge

Here is a project you can do yourself. This canvas organizer is perfect for a home office or workspace and keeps all your most-reached-for tools in one convenient spot. The different colored patches give your room an extra something, though a more neutral color scheme would also create a nice accent.

envelope storage green

Image from Lifehack

For all those miscellaneous envelopes and papers that might be piled in a corner or scattered about a table, here is an interesting solution. An old shutter has been re-purposed to hold these envelopes so each can be seen individually and sorted with ease.

Pegboard storage white wall

Image from Craving Some Creativity

You can't go wrong with a pegboard organizer. Arrange it in a pleasing way, and it is both decorative and functional. This one is lightly decorated with photos and artwork and makes for an overall eye-catching arrangement.

Detail wall grid storage with calendar

Image from Martha Stewart

This wire wall rack lets you put all your essential tools in one location and can be easily spruced up with small items like these succulents magnets.

scarf holder with pins

Image from Sally Anne K

This scarf organization idea using clothespins is great for cleaning up your closet and quite easy to put together. Best of all, it can be hung anywhere, be it on your door, on a wall, or against the wall of your wardrobe.

DIY Floating shelf bathroom

Image from Shanty2Chic

These floating shelves give your space a rustic feel and are convenient for storing or displaying items in your bathroom, living, or any other quarter of your home.

You'll never regret the decision to get more organized. And if you can do that and add to your home's decor at the same time, why not? We hope you found some inspiration here!

30th Jun 2017 Brandon S

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