Gold, gold, gold…this particular finish has been invading my house lately. And with very good reason. First of all, I’d like to point out that gold is no longer gaudy, it is elegant and it matches practically every color. I’ve been bringing my new practice of “gold with everything” into my jewelry and every day wear…and I’d say my life in general. To show just how amazing gold really is, let’s look at a few gold picture light + color combinations. These gold picture lights would be great with a wall color combination, or if you are using a picture light as a vanity, you can use different color towels as an accent. These picture lights would also be perfect to accent a certain color that’s in a frame or painting. They would also be helpful to install a picture light over a particular color of shelving unit or bookshelf. Onward!

Gold + Turquoise = The Elegant Aquatic. I am obsessed with this combination right now. There is something about a good gold accent with a turquoise shelf, turquoise frame, or turquoise anything really that just looks so elegant and inviting. Here we have the Classic 10" Picture Light in Gold with a turquoise background just to show what a beautiful color combination this is.

Gold + Coral = The Bright and Chic. This color combination is a no brainer. Together, they will brighten any room or make any outfit pop. And they just look so good together. A coral accent wall paired with a gold picture light…perfection. Once again we have the Classic 10" Picture Light in Gold, because nothing beats the classics, paired with a coral background.

Gold + Lime Green = The Wild Child. This is for all you wild cards out there. If you’re looking to spice up you’re a room in your house, this is the perfect way to do. This color combination is unexpected, bright, electric, but still very stylish. Set up a Tru- Slim 16" Picture Light in Gold over a chair with a lime green side table. You can even add a splash of animal print or even faux fur to show more of your wild side.

Gold + White = The Classic Beauty. Think Marilyn Monroe for this color combination. White and Gold just ooze of elegance. The thought of a white bathroom with a Classic 24" Picture Light in Gold makes me want to put on a silk bathrobe and apply red lipstick in front of a vanity until my lips can’t take it anymore.

All these color combinations should give you reasons why gold is the perfect way to add an accent to your house. There are plenty of other color combinations that can be done, these are just a few of my favorite. Conoco has plenty of picture lights in a gold finish to accent your house. For more ideas on how to use picture lights, check out how versatile picture lights can be.

For more information on our Tru-Slim Picture Lights, check them out here.

And for more information about our Classic Picture Lights, check them out here.

Want a $25 gift card towards one of these awesome picture lights? Send us a picture of your favorite way to utilize gold in your designs, we'll pick our favorite, then announce the winner on our Facebook page next Friday. Send all submissions to laurenm@cocoweb.com. Good Luck!

17th Apr 2014 admin

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