How To Decorate Your Home Like Celebrities For A Fraction Of The Cost

How To Decorate Your Home Like Celebrities For A Fraction Of The Cost

Even though we are our own unique individuals, we often want to copy what our favorite celebrities or public figures are doing whether it be how they dress, what makeup they wear, what they eat, or where they travel. As you read this, you might have a few celebrities come to mind. Perhaps you’ve even wanted to live an identical life of one of your all-time favorite artists or television personalities.

In this day and age, the latter becomes easier than ever before. With the use of social media at its peak, we are invited into much of our favorite celebrities’ personal lives, including the inside of their homes. That said, the need to design our homes like these public figures is also something that comes to mind to many.

No matter who your favorite celebrity is, you too can have a home that looks like theirs – all without the hefty costs. Here’s how:

1 - Add knock-offs of higher-end furniture and décor

luxury living room with grey couches and wooden stairway

One of the best ways to decorate your home as closest to celebrities’ homes as possible is to find items that look quite similar to what your favorite celebrities may currently have in their homes. Chance are, a quick Google search will allow you to find a piece that’s nearly identical to something a public figure might have, only for a much slimmer cost that’s conveniently within your budget.

Keep in mind that even though a piece might be more affordable, this doesn’t necessarily mean the quality is worse – although, sometimes this might be the case if the item is extremely affordable. Usually it’s brand name alone that make an item expensive, not always the quality or materials used.

Besides doing a Google search for items mimicking more expensive items, you might also consider scoping the “best sellers” if you plan on shopping for furniture and décor online. These can indicate to you what’s currently trendy in interior design, and thus, what celebrities might also have in their homes. Remember that it’s public figures who usually start these very trends or at least follow them once they know what’s trending.

2 - Keep things minimalistic

Usually, we think that the more we have in our interior designs, the wealthier our homes look. However, this isn’t true. In fact, many are surprised when they see Instagram photos or YouTube videos of their favorite public figures’ homes, only to notice that their space is typically very clean and spacious.

In fact, you might notice that many celebrities focus on filling their homes with quality over quantity. This will be something you will also want to do in your own interior design if you wish to make your home similar to a celebrity’s. Keeping things minimalistic also can help you save money as it means purchasing less furniture and décor. For some people, a minimalistic design is also very peaceful as there aren’t a lot of distractions or excess stimuli in the home that might otherwise fuel anxiety.

3 - Focus on size rather than quantity

large family theatre room with several seating options and marble floor, large luxurious room

Most celebrities have larger than average homes. For that reason, they tend to fill their homes with extra-large furniture and larger décor items. Doing something similar in your space can help you achieve that very style while also allowing you to decrease your spending by allowing you to focus on size of items rather than how many items you have embedded in your design.

Applying a quality over quantity type of approach in your interior design should be easy if you make use of our latter advice of keeping your design minimalistic. However, focusing on larger items rather than number of items doesn’t mean your interior design has to be boring; it simply means there is no need for anything in excess. Avoid cluttering your space with too much of anything – pillows, candles, artwork or picture frames, or anything else you might add too much of.

4 - Be open to DIY projects

If you’ve been eyeing something for a while but can’t afford it and can’t find a more affordable alternative, engaging in a little DIY project would be a great idea. DIY projects of course will take time and effort, but in the end, they usually cost less than if you were to go to the store and purchase something already completed.

For creative and artsy individuals, checking out your favorite celebrities’ Instagram pages to see if they have photos showcasing the inside of their homes might spark ideas of what DIY projects you might engage in to save money while making your home look like theirs. As for those lacking creativity and who have little to no experience with DIY projects, checking out Pinterest or doing a Google search for inspiration and specific instructions on different furniture and décor DIY projects can be of significant help.

Still Have Room in Your Budget? Here Are Other Things to Consider.

For those with a bigger budget or who followed the latter tips and thus saved a decent chunk of cash, there’s more that you can do to your interior design to help match it up to that of your favorite celebrity.

Consider these interior design tips:

  • Have large windows or glass walls installed in your home.
  • Add different-colored or color-changing accent lighting.
  • Install a large chandelier.
  • Hang luxury curtains in your home (e.g., velvet, satin).
  • Consider some avant-garde pieces.
  • Install a large, floor-to-ceiling fireplace.
  • Be open to textured ceilings or ceilings with architectural detail.
  • Have columns and arches placed in sections of your home.
  • Look into different flooring options apart from laminate, vinyl, hardwood, traditional tile, and carpet.
  • Hire someone to do the interior design for you.

Regardless of how badly you might want your home to look expensive, it’s also important that you make your home yours. Focusing too much on making your home look like somebody else’s will have you lose track of what you really want and need in your home. That said, make sure to add personal elements to your design in the ways you see fit.

Also make sure to not only focus on aesthetics in your design but function and comfort as well. Remember that just because a space appears expensive and well-put together doesn’t mean the way you can use and enjoy your space has to suffer as a result.


With our own use and most celebrities’ frequent use of social media, it’s not a surprise that we want our lives – including our homes – to look like theirs. Having a Pinterest- or Instagram-worthy home is the dream of many young adults in particular. However, costs add up quickly, and money is limited. Thus, making an interior design identical to that of a celebrity’s seemed virtually impossible.

But finding knock-off furniture and décor, keeping the design minimalistic, emphasizing size over quantity, and being open to DIY projects are great ways to create a home similar to a celebrity’s without spending a fortune. Keeping these tips and mind while still making sure to incorporate personal touches to your designs can lead you to successful results.

If you need more interior or exterior design-related tips and tricks, check out the rest of our blog posts .

21st Jan 2019 Brooke S

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